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I got friends with talents all over the place. When I can use my friends to help my clients, I definitely do. Why - because I trust them (and of course, they're super talented). So, here's taking it one step further - my good friend Kelli Preston (, copywriter, website enhancer guru of a million more things wrote a nice little tutorial on how to DIY enhance your website copy. See below and FOLLOW Ms. Preston on Instagram and get her newsletter - your life will be richer. I promise you. 

Write Right, Kelli Preston

Writing on behalf of your business can be one of the most daunting tasks an entrepreneur embarks on.  Either you hate writing, it’s just never been your thing.  Or you love writing, but writing about your business makes you want to puke.  It feels like obnoxious self-promotion, crazy intimidating and overwhelming. No matter, which camp you fall into it jeopardizes a really important area of your business growth if it gets overlooked or half-assed.  No pressure.

Allow me to help make it all a little less painful. Maybe even fun.  

The most important nugget of writing is knowing who you are writing to.  Duh. Seems obvious, but this is THE pearl of wisdom that gets overlooked the most.  

Most sale’s content is written with an assumption that your audience is where you are. They’re not. They are coming to you (the expert) to get where you are (or some version of it). For example let’s say you’re an Acupuncturist. You know the benefit of your services as they move Chi, release stagnation and reduce inflammation. These are magical, wonderful things.  However… Your ideal client is a stressed out 40-year Supply-Chain Manager, who has low back pain that just won’t quit.  If you describe your business in terms of Chi and Inflammation your client is going to keep on keepin’ on despite the fact that you probably are the missing link in his pain management.  

Soooo meet him where he’s at... open with the statement acupuncture is weird -  you know he’s thinking it, so saying it builds a trust factor. Your client automatically feels understood. He sticks around as you describe how a few teeny, tiny needles do miraculous things and throw in a little credibility for how this woo-woo-ness has stood the test of time (a mere 2,000 years) and helped pro athletes, doctors and people just like him.  Hmmm now he’s interested and he’s interested in YOU because you are speaking his language.  

The second part of knowing your audience is speak like they do.  Drop the traditional marketing mumbo and BIG words.  Every industry has its jargon (even the word jargon is jargon).  However they have no place on your sale’s page, website or any other place you’re hoping to attract your client. Your industry lingo are the words that make YOU feel all smart and credible and your client feel lost and disconnected. This is not a winning combo.  So speak THEIR language, not the one that fluffs your feathers.  For example..I write copy for entrepreneurs.  However, a big part of my audience has no idea what “copy” is.  They want somebody to write words on their website about their business, so I say that.  Boom, now they know they found somebody to do what they are looking for.  

The third and final part… Don’t be boring.  Don’t be a copycat.  So many businesses say the same regurgitated version of their competitor.  They assume Joe credible is doing it, so it must work, but it’s inefficient and not good for YOUR business. You’re not the same as your competition- even though you offer similar services.  The way you do, what you do is unique, so capitalize on that.  Be different.  Be human.  CONNECT.  

Really break down what you do and explain it with clarity in layman’s terms.  For the sake of example let’s use the Acupuncturist again…

Here at POKE we help manage your pain (yes, even if you’ve tried everything else), take your blood pressure down a few notches, expedite your healing from your toddler’s cold and offer a nap (compliments of your insurance) all with teeny, tiny needles and maybe a few glass cups if you’re lucky.   See writing need not be stale and tortuous. Have fun with it.  Your clients can feel that fun and lawd people like fun.  They also love to be understood.  Don’t we all. So that’s the name of the game... when you start connecting, you get to stop convincing and therein lies the sweet spot of marketing, when it no longer feels like marketing.

Wanna go deeper?  Scoop up my $0 (also known as free) quick and dirty course that gets you to figure out who the hell your client is (so you can write to them) as it intersects with your unique ability to serve them (so you know what sets you apart) and then go tell your clients all about it.  

You can’t write, right until you know what you wanna write.  Got it?  Good, so go get after it.  


Helping you see what’s possible,

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