Help a friend out

Got a friend with a small business? You may not know it, but tapping that “like” button on your friend’s Instagram or Facebook post helps them a lot! It improves their visibility in other people’s feeds - basically giving them a little free marketing boost.

Ever wonder why you see some people's posts in Instagram or Facebook and some people you never see? Both IG/Facebook have algorithms that do a lot of decision making for you. Meaning - they make assumptions based on things you like, or do and give you information based on that. This includes who's posts are gonna show up in your feed. 

So, if you have a business and want a Marketing tip, this information should be helpful for you. If you have 500 facebook friends - you need to pull some strings to get in all 500 of their feeds and one quick tip is to get more people to like your posts. So, don't be shy - ask you friends to like your posts or comment or engage cause then Facebook is more likely to start sharing those posts with others. 

Though we may get annoyed with Social Media, it still operates very much like human interaction - the more popular something is, the more likely it will continue to grow.  So, be a good friend and like your friend's posts:) 

Jessica Schupack