Hey, blog it's me Classic


Gosh, gee, golly. It's me. Writing a blog. Why am I writing? Probably because I keep telling clients they should write and I am REALLY trying hard to listen to my own advice. So there we go. Here's a blog, a place where I can write more than 4 sentences under the assumption people MAY read more. And if they don't, it's ok. It's kinda cathartic to write. 

Ok, in all seriousness here are the reasons I tell my clients to write a blog and keep it on their website.
1. It's SUPER easy on squarespace (or tumblr...wherever). It takes very little time at all. And that's what we care about most, right? Time. Wink, wink.
2. It's a place where you can write a lot more info that people are more likely to read. People have incredibly short attention spans and their attention spans are definitely triggered based on where they are reading things. What I mean is, if they are seeing the writing on Instagram, they are less likely to read all your words because Instagram is fundamentally based on images. Catch my drift?
3. It's a nice little storage unit for your thoughts and content. I like to think of a blog as a journal where someone can pick it up and read one entry or read the entire thing - which would be pretty amazing right. What a treat!
4. IT'S CONTENT FOR YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE - sorry I had to yell that one because I personally like this one the most. There's nothing better than GOOD content for Instagram/Facebook and posting something that has a call to action - like visiting a blog - is the best!  Capture them with a compelling topic, then move them with some super solid information they can use!  
4. It's cathartic - which is kinda what you need when you are doing business by yourself. It can be overwhelming and uninspiring so...relieve yourself of some tension and inspire yourself!

Full discloser, I am REALLY gonna try to not overthink these blog posts so there may be spelling and grammar errors. That used to stop me from writing cause I feared everyone would judge me, but I'm over that now. Judge away. I'm working for myself. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


Jessica Schupack