Do you have a business but HATE Social Media?
Do you have a Social Media account but are unsure how to use it to grow your business?  
Do you want MORE BUSINESS?

Then this is the package for you! 


  1. Before we create a strategy, we'll do a BRAND assessment so I can get to know you and learn your Social Media Goals.
  2. I'll provide you with a personalized Social Media Style Guide to give you tips and tricks to build and grow your audience based on your unique strategy
  3. We'll have 3 weekly meetings (after the initial get-to-know you meeting) where we'll focus on:
    • Social Media - free & advertising
    • Photography improvements
    • Promotional writing
    • Content strategy 
  4. Consultations before using Social Media throughout the 4 weeks

After some time with me, Social Media will be less of a burden and more like second nature.

Duration: 4 weeks

Continued coaching available weekly or biweekly $185/$375 per month

    $$ Saved: The current business trend is to hire freelancers or agencies to do your Social Media for you resulting in at the very least a bill for $1k a month. With my help you are saving well over $12,000 a year and most likely doing it better!!
    PLUS you'll be bringing in more revenue so the ROI is extremely high!!