"Jessie is a branding and social media wizard.  To put it mildly.  She uncovers the common the thread in all that you do, then helps you convey it with buckets of clarity so your people can find and understand you.  Social media-wise, she has helped me understand what the hell to do on Instagram - from setting my account up as a business account (who knew this matters), to what to post, how to post, how often to post, and what hashtags to use... and we have barely scratched the surface.  She is now the filter I run ideas through in regards to my next marketing move and I'm learning SO much."
- Kelli / Hey I'm Kelli

"I consult with Classic Social Media whenever I'm feeling stumped. She has a way of understanding how to best display my work so the audience can't help but love it."
- Jason / Rotten Cake

"Jessica's guidance showed me that I had the skills to do my own Social Media well. I just needed guidance and to shift my way of thinking before posting. I recommend her services to anyone looking to get more business."
 - Carrie / SPACEbycarrie

"I needed help changing my marketing to attract more specific clients. Jessica helped me understand what specific elements I needed in my branding to achieve my goals, then guided me through an attainable marketing and branding strategy. The end result was a large increase in booking business from the clients I had been wanting to target.  I recommend working with her at any stage of your business development. She is smart and savvy and really has her finger on how branding works!  She really knows how to draw the best out of your brand to attract the best potential clients. I wish I would have saved myself the trouble and hired her a lot sooner!"
 - Kierstin /  Love Day Events, Austin

"I never knew how impactful the pictures and writing on my social media would be for my brand. Jessica's tips and guidance have helped me use my knowledge to effectively generate more interest in my products."
- Sarah / doTERRA Wellness Advocate