Hi! I'm Jessica Schupack.

I've been doing PR, Marketing & Brand Management for high profile chefs and businesses for 13+ years (Marc MurphyRoy Choi & Andy Ricker to name a few).

I'm one of those people who LOVES to share information about good things to friends & family - movies, food, books, etc. - so they can reap the benefits of it too! And that's really the basis of my business. With my years of experience and plethora of skills, I pass on tips and tricks to help Small Businesses reach their potential customers. 

I've used Social Media to grow a number of businesses.
I believe in authenticity and can help YOU use that authenticity to effectively speak and show off your Brand in ways that are appealing to your customers through Social Media.

And that's that.

Wanna see the more formal list of people I've worked with and places I've been? Check out my linkedin page.

Wanna see some of the accounts I helped build - here you go!*
Landmarc Restaurant, NYC  / Facebook and Twitter
Chef Marc Murphy / Facebook and Twitter
The Smith Restaurant / Instagram
EATATPOT / Instagram
Pok Pok LA / Instagram
Pok Pok PDX / Instagram

*Please note, the photography and writing style in the above accounts were based on specific art direction and budget by the businesses. The bottomline - ALL businesses agreed that the ROI was worth it!